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Roller Garage Doors

Ace Garage Doors can offer three different types of remote controlled electric roller shutter garage doors to suit your needs. Generally this comes down to the width each product is able to span.

Roller shutter garage doors are the most versatile and low maintenance systems on the market today. With each and every door being made to measure they are capable of being fixed in a variety of ways to suit your requirements.

Queen Roller shutter garage door

The Queen

Perfectly suited for single width openings up to 2300 mm wide

The Queen+ garage door has been designed with cost in mind but never compromising quality. You will be hard pushed to find a better quality cost effective package than the Queen+ on the market for a single size garage door.

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The King

Uses stronger compact components for widths up to 3000 mm wide

The King garage door is perfect for those openings up to 3000 mm wide. This system rolls up into 205 mm (8") top box making it perfect for cart lodges where there is not much headroom to play with.

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King roller shutter garage door
Ace roller shutter garage door

The Ace

Generally used on larger widths up 5200 mm wide, but also used for single openings too!

The Ace garage door is primarily used for openings over 3000 mm wide due to its heavier construction but can also be used for single size openings. 

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Roller Shutter Garage Doors: Our Products
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