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Sectional Garage Doors

The Grand Daddy of all garage doors!

The Sectional Garage Door is really the King of all garage doors. Sectional doors are available either in Manual form of Motorised for ease of use. With its many panel styles and colours the sectional can be used on both modern and traditional style houses. The Sectional garage door has a 40mm thick sandwich panel filled with foam polyurethane for “Ace” insulation; a polymer rubber gasket around the entire perimeter of the door, and a large rubber seal across the bottom of the door. Combine these together and you have the best thermal insulation properties of any system on the market.

As with our roller shutter doors, all of our sectional garage doors are made to your bespoke sizes and specifications. Up to 19.6ft (6m) wide x 9ft 10” (3m) high (measured from brick to brick).

       What do you get?


  • 40mm thick insulated panel

  • Huge range of colours and effects available see brochure for more details

  • Motorised electric version comes complete with two remotes

  • Removal, and disposal of old garage doors and frames

  • 5 year guarantee

         Click here for Brochure

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