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King Roller shutter garage door

The King Garage Door

Really useful if you need a wider width but do not have much headroom. I.e a cart lodge or flat roof!

The King is made using high quality, 55 mm heavy duty aluminium skinned and foam insulated lathes to form the curtain or body of the door. Those lathes are powder coated in a choice of 15 colours and require no painting. The 66 mm guide runner’s that take the places of the old (and sometimes rotten) wooden posts are extruded aluminium profiles fitted directly to the brick. These guide runners are powder coated and contain brush strips to minimise drafts and debris in to the garage. At the base of the curtain there is a colour coded extruded aluminium base rail that houses a rubber seal. This sits directly on the floor to minimise drafts and debris blowing in under the door. The whole system rolls up at a push of a button into an 8” (205 mm) box. The fully encased top roll consists of cast aluminium powder coated head plates that are spanned by a strong steel barrel. This system also comes with a safety brake and safety edge as standard.

What do you get?

  • A free survey (this takes no more than half an hour)

  • A Heavier 55 mm double skinned powder coated fully remote controlled roller shutter garage door any size up to 10ft (3000 mm) wide, complete with two remotes in a choice of 15 colours

  • An internal manual override (enables you to crank the door up from inside in the event of a power cut) External manual overrides for those with no other entry other than the garage door itself +£99

  • Safety system that will detect an obstruction. This comes complete with a courtesy light included.

Click here for Brochure

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