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Storm Ciaran

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With High Winds expected for the next few days we at Ace Garage Doors have some advice to minimize injuring yourselves and damaging your garage doors.

All style of garage doors.

Be aware of anything in front of the garage that can potentially be blown in to the door. Wheelie bins are notorious culprits of being blown into the panels of garage doors causing dents and in high winds even knocking the panel through. Also be aware that things can be blown under the door and may impede closing of the door. Check that nothing is in the way of the garage door before closing. With electric garage doors it is always good practice to watch the door close before you walk or drive away from it.

Up and over style garage doors.

While opening and closing this style of garage door make sure you keep a firm hand on it. This type of panel once unlocked can quickly open or close under the force of the wind and may catch body parts or cars parked in front of the garage.

Roller Garage Doors.

As roller doors slide up and down in guides either side of the door they can with enough force be pushed out of the guides. This can be caused by something striking the panel with great force or weight. Also, be aware when opening back or side doors to the garage too as this can create a vacuum with roller garage doors that may suck the door from the guides.

Open side and back doors slowly and as little as possible and close the door behind you.

Electric up and over and sectional garage doors.

These type of electric garage doors generally have motors that will recognize changes in force while opening and closing. This is a safety device of motor. This can be triggered while the door is opening and closing if wind is applying pressure to the panel. You may find the door will try to open and the will then close straight away as it recognizes a change in pressure. You may need to help the door open or close if wind is blowing on your door with force. Do make sure that your hands and fingers are well clear of any moving part and in no position to get trapped.

Should the worst happen and damage does occur to your garage door please contact your home insurance provider. Most will cover the garage door in the event of wind damage and should be able to provide emergency services to come and secure the garage or board it up. You can of course contact us for advice.

Hopefully this advice is useful to everyone who has garage doors. Please feel free to share this far and wide. If we here at Ace Garage Doors can be of any help over the coming days please do get in touch on 01508 536376 or email us at

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