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"How Awnings Can Provide Protection and Comfort from the Elements"

Summer cant come quick enough for most of us now after the dreary and wet start to this year. Now is the time to consider an awning as when summer approaches the lead time extends considerable and cause you to miss the boat for the summer months!

Shade and Cooling:

  • Awnings act as a roof-like covering extending from a building’s exterior wall. They effectively direct sunlight and heat, creating shade and helping to keep interior spaces cooler.

  • Increased Outdoor Living Space: Homeowners often use retractable awnings to extend patios and decks, effectively creating more usable square footage.

  • Imagine enjoying a cup of tea or reading a book under the shelter of an awning, even during light rain or intense sun. contact Ace for all your awning needs on 01603 490119 or 01508 536376 or visit to download a brochure

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